Tactical Asset Allocation

Many investors believe the buy-and-hold approach is the only way to realize long-term portfolio success. Unfortunately, as investor risk tolerance changes, declining markets often leads to buying and selling at the absolute wrong time.

A tactical strategy requires the elimination of emotions and bias from the decision-making process. The BTS quantitative model removes emotion seeking to identify trends and participate in 80% of the up while avoiding 80% of the down associated with a full market cycle.

BTS seeks to:

  • Preserve capital
  • Offer downside protection and upside potential
  • Reduce volatility while delivering consistent long-term returns

We believe that the best way to realize consistent returns over time is to avoid losses of principal during the inevitable periods of decline that all markets experience.

Growth comes from the absence of loss. Major short-term losses take a big toll on investor portfolios making it necessary for investments to work harder just to recover.

* This chart is intended for illustrative purposes and is not intended to indicate that BTS Asset Management
   returns 10% per year

At any one time, a BTS tactical portfolio can be fully invested in the market in an attempt to take advantage of market growth, or 100% in cash to guard against potential market declines. We watch the markets so that investors don't have to.

Some of our tactical strategies:

The BTS Bond Asset Allocation (BAA) Portfolios employ a "right bond at the right time" investment philosophy aiming to avoid big losses in one asset class and to find opportunity in another asset class.

The BTS High Yield (HY) Portfolios employ an investment philosophy aiming to avoid losses in High Yield bonds during downward trending markets and to find opportunity in upward trending markets.

The BTS Seasonality/Bond Asset Allocation (BAA) Portfolios are tactically managed equity strategies with periods of fixed income investment use.

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