Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Opening Your Account

Do I need a financial advisor to work with BTS?

BTS works directly with your financial advisor in order to manage your account. Your financial advisor will work with you to help determine if BTS should be a part of your portfolio.

Who is your custodian and where is the money held?

Assets can be managed directly at the mutual fund or variable annuity of your choice or BTS can manage your portfolio at Trust Company of America ("TCA"), an independent custodian.

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment for a Tactical Asset Allocation portfolio is $25,000. Strategic Asset Allocation portfolio minimum is $25,000. Multi-Strategy portfolio minimum is $100,000. Hedged Income portfolio minimum is $50,000.

How are fees paid/billed?

Managed accounts that are not set up for automatic fee payments will be invoiced. Fees may be paid directly from the BTS account or via check, credit card, ACH, or a separate BTS managed account.

When will you bill for the fee on my account?

Depending on where assets are custodied, BTS will charge fees on either a quarterly or an annual basis. Contact your advisor for more information.

What sort of statements will the client receive? (TCA only)

You and the client will receive a quarterly client statement from TCA.

If my financial advisor retires or is otherwise unable to continue working with me, what can I do to continue with BTS?

BTS may provide the names of a few advisers in your area that BTS works with in order for you to determine if you would like to work with one of these advisers.

Maintaining Your Account

Can I get online access to my account?

BTS believes that transparency is a requirement of investing and TCA provides both clients and advisors with online access to account balances, transactions, holdings, performance, and other account details. Mutual fund and variable annuity companies typically provide online access for their accounts.

What sort of statements will I receive? (TCA only)

You will receive a quarterly client statement from TCA.

May I sign up for electronic delivery of my account statements?

Yes, if your account is held at Trust Company of America, you can choose to receive electronic delivery of your account statements.

Can I set up systematic contributions to and/or systematic distributions from my account?

Yes, you can set up systematic contributions or distributions at any time.

Can I cancel my account?

Yes, you may cancel your account at any time with a written notice to BTS. BTS believes that investors should consider a minimum three to five year "fair trial".

Will BTS refund my fees if I cancel my account?

Yes, BTS will refund any unearned fees. Please refer to BTS' ADV Part 2 for additional details.

Managing Your Account

Who makes transactions?

BTS is pre-authorized to make all transactions.

What do you invest in (i.e. ETFs or mutual funds or individual securities)?

BTS uses both open-end mutual funds and ETFs.

Are you buying loaded funds?

Funds purchased through TCA will not have a load. Funds purchased at mutual fund and variable annuity companies may or may not have a load.

What is meant by "tactical" portfolio?

A tactical strategy has the ability to move completely in or out of a position.

What is meant by "strategic" portfolio?

A strategic portfolio attempts to readjust to current market trends while remaining invested in the market. Where a tactical portfolio can move at any point, a strategic portfolio moves on a quarterly basis.

What is the yield on the Bond Asset Allocation (“BAA”) portfolio and can I take an income stream?

The yield on our strategies can vary widely at any given time. When looking at our BAA strategy, BTS believes income needs should come from the total return.

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