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Founded in 1979, BTS Asset Management is one of the oldest risk managers, managing traditional assets with a nontraditional approach. BTS has a multi-year track record in tactical fixed income and equity management. BTS has experience managing through several market cycles, recessions, recoveries, and multiple up and down interest rate periods. Our goal is to find opportunities with the potential to take advantage of rising markets while working to manage losses during downturns.

  • Seeks to preserve capital
  • Aims to offer downside protection and upside potential
  • Strives to reduce volatility while delivering consistent long-term returns

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Message from the Chairman

Vilis Pasts photo

We believe that our risk management strategies that have continued to improve over the past 35+ years will be an attractive solution for your assets. As we see more and more baby boomers heading towards retirement, we see a growing need for risk managed portfolio solutions.

As Chairman & Founder of BTS Asset Management, I would like to say thank you for considering BTS. We appreciate your business and the confidence you have placed in us.

We hope that the future brings all the rewards that come with steadfast commitment to serving the needs of investors.

–Vilis Pasts
Chairman and Founder

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